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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Border Market - Window Shopping in Aranyaprathet

here are only two reasons to come to Aranyaprathet, a border district of Thailand near Cambodia. One: If you want to cross the border by land from Thailand to Cambodia, and the other is to visit the never-ending Ban Klong Luek Market, also referred to as Talat Rong Kluea. 

 It’s a busy afternoon at Aranyaprathet as locals come to do their regular shopping for meat, fish and other creatures from the sea
 Tubs and tubs of live crabs greet us on the road. Even as they are packed in plastic bags, a couple of them make a quick escape and run onto the roads.
 Another favourite is frogs
 If there is something more colourful than the market and the locals, it has to be these pink eggs, which are so much in demand.
 Fish and more fish. I see several fishermen putting up their stalls and selling their catch
 This seems to be a live counter. Seafood is the speciality, and some of these counters sell them boiled, cooked, steamed and raw.
 Another live counter. This has a greater variety of fish. The market seems to be a place for locals to grab a quick lunch as well.
 Well, it is not just fish and crabs, meat and eggs. There is a spread of greens as well.
 Matching the eggs in colour are these pretty lotus stems
 If the heat tires you out, cool off with tender coconut water.
 The locals arrive dressed in their finery. Shops in the market also sell wholesale goods like clothes and shoes although they are believed to be second-hand goods from Cambodia.
 The market is also a great place to catch up on gossip. These girls pose for us, amused that we are photographing them.
 Locals from all over shop for their daily requirements as they get great bargains here
 Although it is quiet in the clothes section, the market selling live produce is bustling and crowded
 Shopkeepers in this border town are a mix of Cambodian, Vietnamese and Thai. Their goods are procured at wholesale prices.
As we plan to leave, I see this woman enjoying a siesta in her shop while her daughter looks at us curiously.

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