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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

XtremeCollections of the day - April 09 2015

Photos of the day - April 09

Pakistani men bathe in a stream to beat the heat on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan, a girl runs for shelter during an air strike in Sanaa, Yemen, a worker washes off green paint on a statue of the memorial for Afrikaner hero Paul Kruger in Pretoria, South Africa are some of the photos of the day.

 A girl runs for shelter during an air strike in Sanaa April 8, 2015.

 A council worker washes off green paint on a statue of the memorial for Afrikaner hero Paul Kruger in central Pretoria, South Africa, 08 April 2015. The color was supposedly painted on the statue by leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party members after a country wide debate started surrounding statues of former white leader of the country. Prominent Afrikaans personalities reportedly are planning to chain themselves to the Paul Kruger statue.

 Two Buddhists monks take pictures in front of blooming Cherry Blossom trees at the Tidal Basin April 8, 2015 in Washington, DC. The Cherry trees around the Tidal Basin, which were originally gifts from Tokyo, Japan, in 1912, have started to bloom. They are predicted to be in full bloom in about couple more days, depend on how warm the weather will be.

 Disabled Palestinians play sitting volleyball during an event organized by United Nations at a U.N-run training center in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip April 8, 2015. The event was aimed at raising awareness on the impact of Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), officials said.

 People react at the site of an airstrike in Sanaa April 8, 2015.

 An aerial view shows a replica of the Eiffel Tower (C) and residential buildings at the Tianducheng development in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province April 8, 2015.

 The peloton ride during the 103rd edition of the Scheldeprijs Cycle Race, a 200km race from Antwerp to Schoten on April 8, 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium.

 The dead body of an Afghan National Army soldier (ANA) lies in an army vehicle after a shoot out in the compound of a provincial governor's office in Jalalabad April 8, 2015. An American soldier and an Afghan soldier were killed when a firefight broke out between Afghan and NATO coalition forces at a compound where a senior U.S. diplomat met a provincial governor in eastern Afghanistan, police and U.S. sources said.

 Members of the minority Yazidi sect who were newly released hug each other on the outskirts of Kirkuk April 8, 2015. More than 200 elderly and infirm Yazidis were freed on Wednesday by Islamic State militants who had been holding them captive since overruning their villages in northwestern Iraq last summer.

 Protesters carry signs at a rally in North Charleston, South Carolina April 8, 2015. Demonstrators rallied on Wednesday against what they described as a culture of police brutality in South Carolina in the case of white officer Michael Slager, who was caught on video killing 50-year-old Walter Scott, a black man, by shooting him in the back as Scott ran away after a traffic stop. Slager was charged on Tuesday with murder in the death of Scott.

 Japan's Emperor Akihito (C) and Empress Michiko (front L) get out of their car, as they board a special flight for a visit to Palau, at Haneda international airport in Tokyo April 8, 2015. Emperor Akihito heads on Wednesday for the island nation of Palau where he will visit a World War Two battlefield, the latest journey in his efforts to soothe the wounds of a conflict that haunts Asia 70 years after its end.

 Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron reads a book to Lucy Howarth (L), 6, and Joshua Davies, 5, during a visit to Sacred Heart RC primary school in Westhoughton near Bolton, northern England, Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

 An elderly man sit on a branch and cuts off smaller branches in Skopje, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 08 April 2015. The unusually cold weather for this time of year has prolonged the heating season and people are making ends meet as they know best.

A visitor looks at a replica of pre-historic animals drawings on a wall during a press visit at the site of the Cavern of Pont-d'Arc project in Vallon Pont d'Arc April 8, 2015. The Cavern of Pont-d'Arc project is a replica of the pre-historic Decorated Cave of Pont-d'Arc known as Grotte Chauvet, in Vallon Pont-d'Arc in the Ardeche region, containing the world's earliest known art which was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage site. The facsimile cavern, which condenses some 8000m2 of the original site into 3000m2, will display faithful reproductions of paintings and engravings and will be inaugurated on April 10 and will open to the public on April 25.

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