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Monday, 1 August 2016

Truck driver makes dangerous u-turn across busy highway

[An Italian truck driver made an ill-advised attempt to change directions in the middle of a busy highway. Photo: Polizia di Stato]

A truck driver in Northern Italy is in hot water after deciding to make an unexpected (and extremely dangerous) u-turn across a busy highway.

As the Daily Mail reports, footage released by Italian authorities shows the shocking moment the driver of an 18-metre long semi-truck begins backing up his vehicle to try and turn into the opposite lane.

It takes several minutes for the driver to successfully maneuver his large truck and cargo through a narrow opening, forcing other motorists to suddenly brake and swerve to avoid a potentially disastrous collision.

Luckily, no crashes occurred during this driver’s ill-advised attempt to try and change directions. 

Police have now begun the process of revoking the driver’s license following the incident.

Not only will the driver be losing his driving privileges for his irresponsible decision, but he’ll also be responsible for paying off a hefty 8,000 euro fine as well.

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