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Monday, 26 September 2016

Do you Want to buy this Snapchat Sun-glass with Mounted Camera?

Snap-chat comes with some extra ordinary things for our life, they are planning to come in hardware market in the form of sunglasses. These sunglasses are not simple like we use in our everyday life, but with extra feature of inbuilt camera to make your life more memorable in later age. So today we are going to know more details about this new product.

Do you know about the person who is behind the scene of this amazing project?

Name of this man is Steve Horowitz, who joined the snap chat last year in 2015. Before that he was working with Motorola in mobile phone division as Sr. Vice president and joined Snap-chat last year as same level of position. He is the in charge of Snap-Chat all hardware related projects including this extra featured Sun-glass.

 This is close Look of new device

When it will be ready for the market?

Looks like they are ready for launch, and already started the marketing and advertising phase during that product launch strategy. In a marketing strategy they are going to change the name of snap chat inc to Snap inc in listing of wall-street. Snap chat is one of the popular in social media age and serve almost 10 billion videos in a day. Snap-chat also partnering with Pepsi and Buzz-feed kind of brand to advance its advertisement trend, and mostly targeting young generation for new product. It can cost between 150 to 200 USD, in India you can find around 10,000 INR.

Another close look, when device record camera flash with bright light

What are the major feature that person likes in this new product?

  • Spectacles represents the next phase of that idea by removing the phone in front of the users’ faces and freeing their hands. Its 115-degree-angle lens is wider than a typical smartphone’s and produces circular video so the viewer feels like they are experiencing the recorder’s perspective.
  • Snap said outward facing lights around the camera lens would alert others the user is in recording mode. Still, the darkened sun-glass lens could make it less clear what exactly is being recorded.
  • Spectacles let you tap the glasses’ rim to instantly record 10 seconds of video, three taps to record a maximum of 30 seconds, with a light on the front alerting people you’re recording.
  • The video is stored on the device and can be wirelessly offloaded to a phone over WiFi or Bluetooth so users can edit and share via Snapchat later. Spectacles’ battery should last a day, and you can get up to four full recharges from the portable charging case.
This is the complete product, which you can expect in this kind of case cover.

What are the major obstacles in this kind of technology?

As we know it will not be easy move for them to get success in the market using this new product, checkout list of following obstacles and mention your opinion in our comment section.
  • Hardware is decisively more complicated than app development. Inventory must be managed precisely. The products, especially sunglasses, need to appeal to fickle consumers.
  • Snapchat has software world experience and is completely different than Hardware world, Unlike in the internet world where companies can quickly patch up glitchy software with an updated release, hardware fixes mean a recall or waiting for the next model.
  • Last year Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., stopped selling its Google Glass head-mounted device after it drew ridicule and raised privacy concerns for its ability to surreptitiously record video.
  • The company may need to contend with similar privacy concerns faced by Google Glass, which was banned by some bars and movie theaters.
  • Everyone already carries remarkably powerful cameras in their pockets. The biggest challenge for Specs will be defeating the status quo: taking photos and videos with your phone. Hold your iPhone or Android up in front of your face with one hand, and the experience might be similar enough to Specs to make them unneccessary.
  • Snap was smart to make it obvious when Spectacles are recording with a big warning light. But after “Are your recording me!?!” scuffles in bars and businesses putting up “No Google Glass” signs, people are sure to be a little uneasy.

How it makes changes in our day to day life, some good and bad things?

  • Better cameras, network connections, and social networks have led to an explosion of lifecasting, led by Snapchat Stories (and copied by Instagram Stories). But they pose a risk to the way we experience our greatest moments. So, it's better to live the life instead of just recording it.
  • You can feel now a days, everywhere when something special happens, today most people bust out their phones rather than bask in the moment. Fans in the front row destroy their chance to connect with their rock star heroes by thrusting a phone between them. Then, people divorce themselves from the action while they stare down, editing their content with filters and captions before sharing.
  • Spectacles v1 only record the world around you, but future iterations could enhance it. Eventually, perhaps they could automatically give everyone a mustache, highlight your friends in a crowded room, let you watch other people’s Spectacles content like you were seeing through their eyes, or host a developer platform with untold applications.
  • The marketing of Spectacles is an enormous opportunity for Snap Inc, but one fraught with peril. Initial perceptions could make or break Specs, and perhaps define how fast or slow we’ll adopt other types of head-worn computers.


Spectacles are a gadget that won’t be judged by their specs, but by whether they can change human behavior. Cramming new ways to act into our society will always be tougher than packing processing power into a chip. Overwriting the disgust instilled by Google Glass will take all of Spiegel’s skills.

We might assume that one day, eyewear computers will shrink and strengthen to the point they become commonplace. But maybe Snap Inc has the stylish reputation and daredevil ambition to make that day come much sooner.

What is your opinion about this product? 
Do you like to add this product in your day to day life or just want to enjoy life as in real moments? 
Share your opinion in our comment section , share with your friends and let them also express their opinion in our discussion team. Thanks.

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