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Monday, 19 August 2013

Tips to make your love alive

Everybody wants to tell their partner that how much they love them. Even if you don?t tell you should do the same. Now you would want to know what you could do to keep your relationship stronger and fresh and full of life!
Here are some ideas which could be beneficial in keeping your relationship fresh throughout the twelve months. The basic idea involved is to be 'romantic?:

1.A cute greeting card: You must have felt on many occasions how important the greeting cards are. Without any special occasion, you could give you partner a card with the theme 'I love you?.

2.Leave hand-written notes for your sweetheart : If you don?t fancy giving the card directly in hand, you could write 'I Love You? on a paper, on a dry leaf (if you know bit of art), on an envelope with some tiny gift inside (Like a pen, a key chain) and hide it in his/her drawer or his/her wallet. It would be a real fun for him/her to find these notes? Try It! These will make him/her feel special.

3. Magic of touch heal : It is said that 'Human touch is a great healer?. Now, whenever you get a chance and as often you can remember touch his/her knee, shoulder, hand or back with you hand.

4. A beautiful Massage for your sweetheart : You could give foot rubs (You could use some essential oils); shoulder rubs to each other which will give relaxation to his/her body.

5. Hold the face to make him/her feel extra special : You could hold his/her face in your hands; this is also a loving human touch. It might connect you back to the good old, your first days.

6. Arrange a surprise picnic : You arrange a day out to a park with her/him. This could be more loving if it is a surprise picnic. It would show that you are willing to go an extra mile to keep your relationship alive.

7. Share Some Activities to give comfort : Try out things which are not done in the normal routine likewise you could share some of his/her activities while giving a level of 'comfort? to your partner. You could help out in cooking, in hanging out the clothes, looking after the baby while she could have a nap, help cleaning his/her vehicle etc.

8.Sing a romantic song to show how much you love him/her : You could sing a song he/she loves. You don?t have to be a good singer for this. The main thing you try achieving here is to give a 'comfort Zone? to the person.

9. Cooking : If most of the time she is cooking for you, how about getting up little early and makes a nice meal/breakfast and have it together, in the bed or at the table. It could be a surprise meal.

10. Surprise : Without any occasion, you could surprise him/her by giving a beautiful flower of his/her choice.
Hopefully you will try these tips, and be happy to be successful. Make your relationship alive and loving. That is life!

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