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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cutout queens of the red carpet

Designer wear and couture gowns are all the rage when it comes to red carpet appearances, but do they always get it right? With cutout clothes being all the rage, some of these stars look like they've been torn to shreds by a pair of scissors and some just purely fashionable. Who are they?
 Starlet Evelyn Sharma's assets are delicately covered in this colour blocked number. More risque than we'd care to see, really.
 Never one to shy away from showing off some skin, Angelina Jolie works it on the red carpet in this billowing black number.
 Sonal Chauhan's singing career may be taking off, but her red carpet appearances have had us riveted for a while now. Then, along came this sighting and we're back to zero.
 Sharing Zoe Saldanha's love for Prabal Gurung, Deepika Padukone manages to pull it off with some extra oomph. What's not to love, we say?
 Diane Kruger's dress looks more like a child's craft project gone awry than a designer gown. Of all her looks, this one is the most bizarre!
 Prachi Desai tries her hand at making heads turn in this monochrome cutout dress.
 Ethereal in white Emily Blunt turns it up a notch with a hint of extra skin showing in this ensemble.
 Mother of two Gwyneth Paltrow's red carpet appearance may just have left husband Chris Martin with his jaw hanging. A little cleavage and a little flesh equals super hot!
 We never tire of Halle Berry's appearances on the red carpet. The pixie like star had us ogling when she turned up in this leather cutout dress. You're killin' us Halle!
 Hunger Games hottie Jennifer Lawrence makes sure she grabs eyeballs in this gold gown. If her curves weren't proof enough, she shows off just a bit more.
 Pregnant and loving it, Kate Hudson took the red carpet by storm in this electric blue gown which bared her back.
 Curvy Kate Winslet pulls off some sass with this black lace cutout gown. Lace panels do anything but hide those curves. What's not to love?
 The waif life Keira Knightley looks demure in this midriff baring cross over dress.
 Avatar star Zoe Saldanha dares to almost bare in this Prabal Gurung number. Still a fair bit left to the imagination we'd say.
 TV anchor Kelly Osbourne no longer has weight issues as she looks fabulous in this black number.
Rooney Mara turns up the heat in a leather outfit that looks cut to fit her.

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