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Friday, 29 March 2013

Sunnys move in Life

There's no need to introduce Sunny Leone. Everyone knows the adult film star after her appearance in Bollywood. Her stint in India has been anything but uneventful. Now, Ms. Leone has decided to stick a nail in her coffin with her latest brand endorsement. Find out here what it is...

Here's the latest feather in Sunny's ever expanding cap of new experiences. She's signed on for an energy drink that's quiet aptly named. Now don't go reading us the riot act for it, but it's called XXX.

After the success of "Jism 2", porn star and Bollywood newcomer Sunny Leone tried her best to establish herself as one of the successful mainstream actresses of B-town Getting rid of the 'porn star' tag isn't going to be easy Sunny!.

"Hi everyone. I'm so happy to be here in Mumbai! Meeting all morning and the house shopping!!" Sunny tweeted.

"My full concentration is now on Bollywood. I want to do different and all kinds of roles, especially playing meaningful characters. I want to establish myself as a successful mainstream actress," Sunny says.

"In order to become successful in Bollywood, for next two-three years I will stay on in India as I want to give my hundred percent," said the 31-year-old Indo-Canadian added.

Recently, Ram Gopal Varma had stated that slain terrorist Osama Bin Laden was obsessed with the adult star.

The director declared this on Twitter and also stated that when Laden was shot by the U.S. Army personnel, at that time too he was watching Leone's video. "Is it true tht osama hd a stack of sunny leone videos in his Abbotobad compound? My source tels tht he ws wtchng hr vdo whn he ws shot dead (sic)," the filmmaker tweeted.

Sunny Leone's real name is Karen Malhotra. The Indo-Canadian porn star was born in Canada to Sikh Punjabi parents.

After having earned the prestigious porn title of ‘Penthouse Pet of the Year’ in 2003, she made it to 'Maxim’s top 12 porn stars' in 2010

Sunny got her name from Bob Guccione, former owner of Penthouse magazine, who thought the name would complement her career in the adult entertainment industry.

Her personal website states that her Sikh parents enrolled her in a Catholic school, where she had her first kiss at the age of 11, discovered that she was a bisexual by the age of 14 and lost her virginity by the age of 16 to a basketball player

Sunny got her American citizenship in 2006 but planned to stay as a dual-citizen of Canada. Though she had admitted to being a bisexual earlier, she later stated that she prefers only men

In an interview, Sunny said, she loves abstract paintings, horse riding, reading, playing ‘World of Witchcraft’ and watching ‘The Simpsons’ and Discovery Channel. Sunny has also talked about playing for a women’s soccer league in California, that her favourite holiday destination is Hawaii, and that her favourite cuisine is Italian

Sunny has a porn filmography of 39 feature films, some of which include ‘It’s Sunny in Brazil’, ‘Sunny’s Slumber Party’ and ‘Dark Side of the Sun’

Apart from her career in adult films, Sunny is also sensitive to social causes. On her blog, she mentions that she will participate in the American Cancer Society Run and that she is doing this in memory of her father, who passed away from cancer last year. Talking about her father in her blog, she says, “He struggled so hard to just breathe when he was in the hospital. The least I can do is raise some money to help someone else. My father joined my mother last year (in heaven) and I believe he is happy and is not in pain anymore. We can’t help him anymore but maybe there is someone else who can get the right treatment with our help. This money goes to patients in need which is why I have chosen the American Cancer Society.”

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