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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

23 Seriously Weird Animals That You Didn’t Know Existed

Check out this gallery of bizarre and sometimes terrifying animals – they’ll leave you stunned!
1. Poodle Moth
Image source:

This moth species was discovered in 2009 and is thought to be native to Venezuela. Also, probably the only moth in existence that you wouldn’t mind holding…

 2. Quokka 
Image source: Tumblr

These adorable cat-sized marsupials can be found on islands off Western Australia and have become a hit with tourists in recent years due to their smiley appearance.

 3. Chinese Giant Salamander
Image source:

This is the world’s largest species of amphibian, growing up to 6 feet in length. They can only be found in China and Taiwan where they are sadly critically endangered.

 4. Yapok
Image source:

Also known as the water opossum, these funny-looking creatures have webbed feet to help them propel through water. They are found in parts of both South and Central America where they live in riverbank dens, feeding on fish and crustaceans.

 5. Frilled Shark
Image source:

These scary looking sharks occur throughout the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, though as they live deep underwater they are rarely encountered by humans. They can grow up to 6.6 feet long and are thought to be the cause of some sea serpent tales throughout history.

 6. Penis Snake
Image source: Huffington Post

These snakes were discovered in 2011 in Brazil, and remains something of a mystery to scientists due to the little data collected on the species so far. One thing’s for sure though – it’s pretty clear why they got their rude nickname!

 7. Giant Isopod
Image source:

These alien-like creatures can grow up to 30 inches long, owing to the phenomenon of deep-sea giganticism. They are carnivores, though it is thought they mainly scavenge the flesh from dead whales and fish.

 8. Honduran White Bat
Image source: Wikipedia

These little bats are found only in Central America where they have been known to build little tents out of leaves! Their white fur helps with this kind of habitat as it makes them invisible to predators when the sun shines through the leaf as they simply blend in.

 9. Blue Dragon
Image source:

These pretty little sea slugs are also known as sea swallows, blue angels or to use their proper name Glaucus atlanticus. They float upside down and are known to have a painful and potentially dangerous sting.

 10. Olinguito 
Image source: National Geographic

These teddy bear like animals are only found in Colombia and Ecuador, and were only discovered in 2013. They live in cloud forests where they feed mainly on fruit but also sometimes insects and nectar. Sadly they may be at risk in the near future due to deforestation of their habitat, with little in the way of conservation being done so far.

 11. Lowland Streaked Tenrec
Image source:

This rather bizarre species is only found in the Madagascan rain forest and grow between 4.8 to 6.5 inches in length. They live in burrows with family members and make an unusual sound that sounds more like an insect than a mammal.

 12. Aye Aye
Image source:

These bug-eyed creatures are actually lemurs. They have a pretty creepy middle finger that is long and thin in order to help them collect insects from their nests. They are only found in Madagascar, where they spend the majority of their lives high up in trees.

 13. Solenodon 
Image source:

These mammals have remained unchanged for the past 76 million years – they even predate the mass extinction of the dinosaurs! Sadly they are endangered due to the arrival of Europeans to their habitats in colonial times who brought with them cats, dogs and the small Asian mongoose – all of which hunt the solenodon.

 14. Shoebill
Image source:

These large birds live in tropical swamps throughout Africa and have a wingspan of up to 8.6 feet. They feed on fish, rats and even baby crocodiles and are known for their statue-like appearance, standing still for long periods of time.

 15. Hummingbird Hawk-Moth
image source:

These moths can be found throughout the northern old world, though only where it is warm. Their large wings and hovering flight, along with the humming sound they make, makes them look considerably like their namesake the hummingbird.

 16. Japanese Spider Crab
Image source: kids

These huge crabs can grow up to 12 feet in length from claw to claw and prefer to live in deeper parts of the ocean where they use camouflage to hide from predators such as large octopi.

 17. Kakapo
Image source:

These birds, also knows as owl-parrots, are endemic to New Zealand where they are sadly critically endangered. They are unable to fly but are excellent climbers, and can also ‘parachute’ from tall trees using its wings to glide.

 18. Blue Parrotfish 
Image source: Milky way scientists

These rather striking fish are found in the Atlantic and Caribbean sea where they can grow up to 1.2 metres in length. They have a beak that is used for scraping algae from rocks and spend 80% of their time looking for food.

 19. Goblin Shark
Image source: road

These terrifying sharks live deep in the ocean and are known as a living fossil as all other members of their ‘family’ died out 125 million years ago.

 20. Dumbo Octopus
Image source:

These octopi live in the deep sea and look rather cute thanks to their ear-like fins. The largest ever recorded specimen was a whopping 1.2 meters long.

 21. Chinese Water Deer
Image source:

This species is native to China, though they were introduced into the United kingdom in the 1870s. They are known as ‘vampire deer’ due to their two protruding canine teeth that are used to warn off rivals.

 22. Blob Fish
Image source:

These gruesome looking fish are found in the deep seas off Australia and New Zealand. Instead of swimming they simply float above the sea bed, swallowing small crustaceans and other edible matter as it goes.

 23. Tarsier

Image source: maxi

These alien-like creatures are found in Southeast Asia where they are sadly endangered. They are carnivores, feeding on birds, snakes, insects, bats and lizards.

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