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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Car of the Future - Rolls-Royce Reveals Its Electric Luxury

Bold Ride - Rolls-Royce Reveals Its Electric Luxury Car of the Future
 Rolls-Royce is a company with a long and celebrated heritage. Its vehicles remain a capsule to a simpler time, when cars were large and luxurious and didn’t need all the amenities we have today. But the future is now, and Rolls-Royce stopped the old-school bleeding with a concept more akin to a science fiction movie.
Celebrating BMW’s 100th birthday, the Rolls-Royce Vision 100 concept concept (internally named: 103EX) is unlike anything you could have imagined from the storied marque. It’s…strange, but in a very likable way. It doesn’t have a steering wheel, instead, passengers relax on a sofa and have their every need handled by “Eleanor,” their personal virtual assistant and chauffeur.
 “I envision that the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 will play a key role in these people’s lives,” says Giles Taylor, Director of Design at Rolls-Royce. “Guiding and conveying them effortlessly through their life’s journey in an exquisite sanctuary where they can reflect in peace ahead of arriving in the grades style.”
Apart from being autonomous, the 103EX will forgo the typical gas-powered V12 in place of a fully-electric powertrain. Being a concept of the future, it pairs naturally with the outrageous style, and advanced interior.
 The entirety of the 103EX was built using “cutting-edge” manufacturing technologies. This allows customers to be more involved in the build of the vehicle, helping develop the shape, size, and silhouette of Rolls-Royce products in the future.

The Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 is an autonomous zero-emission concept car predicting the future of Rolls-Royce. …

If you had any thought that this would be hitting the production line, well, you might be as insane as the man who designed it. Though the 103EX will never be a facet of the Rolls-Royce lineup, it’s the first major step in the marque’s march towards the future…finally.

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