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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Checkout this $225 million Boeing private jet is a flying luxury home

Imagine if you owned a 2,400 sq. ft. luxury home with the ability to fly you and 39 of your closest friends to anywhere you want in less than 17 hours?

Next month, China's HNA Aviation Group will take delivery of a brand new Boeing 787-8 private jet. As configured, the 787 BBJ has a range of almost 9,800 miles even when packed with 40 passengers, luggage, and fuel. 

With a flying time of about 17 hours, the plane can reach virtually any destination on Earth, Kestrel Aviation Management CEO Stephen Vella told Business Insider.

Although several 787s have been converted from passengers service to private use, the is the first Dreamliner to be built specifically as a Boeing Business Jet, Vella said.

It's the 143rd Dreamliner to roll out of Boeing's factory and first flew in December 2013. The plane was delivered to Kestrel in January of 2014. 

Since no one had done a true Boeing 787 private jet before, Kestral along with partners Pierrejean Design Studios and Greenpoint Technologies had to design and engineer the interior of the aircraft from scratch. In fact, the interior took a year to engineer as well as another year and a half to fabricate and install, Vella said. 

Kestrel and Boeing have released the final cost of the 787 private jet. But a standard passenger-ferrying 787-8 carries a list price of $224.6 million. 

Here's a closer look at the the first Boeing 787-8 BBJ. 

 For years Boeing has offered its airliners for sale to private parties or governments under its Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) program. That ranges from the massive 747-8 jumbo jet...

... All the way down to the narrow-body 737. Now, the latest Boeing jet to get the BBJ treatment is the 787 Dreamliner.

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner first flew in 2009 and the composite bodied airliner is renowned for its range, comfort, and fuel efficiency. But unlike its passenger ferrying compatriots, the BBJ version carries far fewer people, but is packed with a ton more features.

Enter the plane through its round foyer and you'll immediately encounter the doors to its massive master suite. The suite is divided in several sections and is designed to be totally independent from the rest of the plane.

The master suite's sleeping area features a large California king-sized bed. According to Vella, the suite is designed to be an "oasis of silence." In fact, the noise level in the room is during flight is just 48 decibels — on par with a quiet suburban home.

The massive master bathroom features a set of large marble his and hers sinks.

 The bath area also features a double-sized shower as well as a massive walk-in closet with heated marble floors. In addition, the master suite is equipped with a refrigerator and safe.

Connecting the foyer and the rest of the plane is a hallway designed to look like a series of vertical waves.

Emerge from the hallway and you'll find yourself in the plane's cavernous main lounge. To create an open and airy feel, the room is completely free of any physical partitions. Instead, designers segmented the space using different furniture colors.

Looking towards the front of the plane, the lounge features a pair of day beds positioned in front of a large 55-inch flatscreen display. On each side of the center screen, there are individual seats each equipped with a 24-inch screen.

 Looking towards the back of the plane, are a pair of devans that can be turned into sleeping accommodations or used as a dining and meeting area. Also located at the rear of the lounge are a pair of 47-inch screens. A stylish round VIP lavatory is located just aft of the lounge.

Aft of the round VIP lavatory is the guest cabin. It features 18 full-flat, first-class sleeper seats. Behind the guest cabin is a row of six premium economy seats for the staff.

In total, the plane is equipped with five bathrooms.

 Overall, the interior is designed with an understated elegance that's devoid of needless clutter and yet filled with subtle details, Vella said.

This Boeing 787 BBJ is expected to enter service with HNA Group in July. According to Vella, the plane will likely be used by the company's chairman as well as ultra-high-end charter customers.
Read the original article on Business Insider. Copyright 2016.

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