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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The 10 most traffic congested cities in the world

If you are complaining about traffic, check out these cities where drivers face the worst traffic jams in the world.

  Brussels, Belgium
    Brussels is considered to be the most traffic congested city in the world. Brussels is the hub for old national roads which normally run in straight lines.

    (Photo: Getty Images)
  Antwerp, Netherlands
    Another city located in Belgium follows in the list of traffic congested cities. The roads connecting the city with its suburbs is known to for its noise and pollution generated by the traffic on the ring.

    (Photo: Getty Images)
  Los Angeles, USA
    Los Angeles road traffic is considered to be the most congested in the United States of America. Travelers are usually delayed by several hours because of congestion.

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 Milan, Italy
    Apart from being a fashion capital, Milan is a major transport hub in Italy. This city has the most important railway lines in Italy and also a key node for the national road network.

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 London, United Kingdom
    Rising traffic congestion in London led to the creation of the world’s first local urban rail network. And in 2003, a congestion charge was introduced to reduce traffic volumes in the city centre.

    (Photo: ThinkStock)
 Paris, France
    Drivers in Paris suffer from one of the worst traffic jams in the world. Paris has an extensive road network and the city has its own traffic wardens.

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 Honolulu, USA
    Honolulu has been ranked to have one of the worst traffic congestion in the world. This city experiences heavy traffic congestion during rush hours.

    (Photo: ThinkStock)
  Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Rotterdam is another city in Netherlands to have the worst traffic congestion. This city has the largest port in Europe and the heart of massive rail, road, air and inland waterway distribution system.

    (Photo: Getty Images)
 Manchester, United Kingdom
    Drivers in Manchester suffer from one of the worst traffic jams in the world. It also has one of the busiest airports in the world.

    (Photo: ThinkStock)

San Francisco, USA
    San Francisco is ranked number ten in terms of worst traffic congestion in the world. In this city, pedestrian traffic is a major mode of transportation.

    (Photo: Getty Images)


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