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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bad Breath: 7 Smart and Easy Ways To Prevent It

Everybody has a stint with bad breath - it may be a momentary case of stinky ‘just out of bed’ breath, or a more lasting stint due to halitosis. While the morning bad breath is hardly an issue, it is the latter that prevents you from indulging in a close conversation with someone. Thus, the sooner you get rid of it, the better it would serve you. Here are 7 easy ways in which you can prevent bad breath:

1. Brush and Floss Twice a Day

Your mouth keeps breeding millions of bacteria in a single day. These bacteria give off an odour and multiply every time you chew on something. What you can do to avoid it is to keep your mouth clean. Washing your mouth after every meal is not a solution, as it just evades bacteria for a while, and does not kill them. Brushing your teeth with the best toothpastes available in the market will help you to clean your gums and the places between your teeth. Do this twice a day at least.

2. Trust Your Dentist

No matter how busy you are with your life, it is a self-imposed fallacy that you can’t take time out of your work and visit a dentist. The visit to the dentist has anyways to be once in six months. The professional help would help you keep your gums and teeth in best of health.

3. Parsley

Parsley has been gaining quite a prominence for its medicinal properties against bad breath. It contains chlorophyll, which is a freshening agent. It also has certain oils that work well as a counter-remedy to the bacteria.

4. More Natural Remedies

Green Tea contains anti-oxidant agents. Hence, starting your morning with a steaming cup of green tea can do a world of good to your exhales. Yoghurt is also very effective against bad breath. And make sure you have plenty of apples, oranges, melons and almonds.

5. Know the Foods That Cause Bad Breath

This is something you have been probably ignoring, at your own peril. Many food items like meat, the particles of which get stuck between your teeth, can reproduce bacteria. Apart from that, any food with a high protein and carbohydrate count can significantly stagnate your breath

6. Quit Smoking

Cigarettes release an assortment of chemicals in your mouth. They also let plaque grow and keep building up. The dryness smoking causes in your mouth is what gives the bacteria a breeding environment to grow and multiple. So, quitting smoking will probably be one of the best ways to get rid of bad breath problems.

7. Drink Water

Now this should come hard to you. Water helps keep your mouth moist, thus not letting bacteria thrive. It rinses and cleanses your mouth. Wash your mouth frequently in a day and drink a lot of water, as it also has a number of other health benefits too.
There can be nothing more humiliating than releasing a stream of foul-smelling breath when conversing with someone. Take control of the situation before it leads to any real embarrassing circumstances.

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