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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fashion Blunders Not to Make at Work

A great degree of professionalism is determined by the way you dress to work. So, it is only natural to put in some effort to dress right to work. Certain fashion blunders are made unintentionally when it comes to work wear. Here, we list the most disastrous of the lot so the next time you’re leaving for work, you know you’re wearing the right outfit.

    Sloppy Pants:
    More often than not, you are being constantly judged by competitive employees and bosses on many factors, an important one being the way you dress. Wearing pants that don’t fit, ill-fitted trousers that are either too tight or shapeless just makes you a sloppy worker. Tailor-made trousers give you a great fit that is suited for your body and it only takes one visit to your famous local trouser-tailor.
    Carrying a backpack makes you look immature, childish and even a hippie – qualities that one does not appreciate in a corporate environment. Replace your backpack with a briefcase or a formal hand bag that does the same job as your previous one, except only making you look more mature and professional.
    You may be a jewellery person, but leave that back home for your personal outings. Wearing unnecessary accessories like rings, a chain etc. just goes to show your ignorance towards professional dressing. Limit your accessories to a classy watch and cufflinks that indeed solves the purpose and is also useful to you.
    Perfumed Much?
    We like men who smell good but not men who can destroy our ability to smell. Men, please do not take a shower with your cologne, just a few sprays are enough to get rid of any bad odour. Your employees need to breathe in fresh air, not perfumed air.

     Shoe Story:
    At times you may just feel lazy and opt for your sneakers with hopes that it will pass off and go unnoticed. But shoes like these can never be ignored when you walk into a conference room. And, of course, it goes without saying that sandals or open shoes should never enter office premises. If you do feel wearing socks everyday can get a bit annoying, you can master the art of going sockless by wearing smart, formal loafers or saddle ... more

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