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Friday, 5 April 2013

Kim Kardashian bump watch

She may not have any real claim to fame, but there's no denying that when Kim Kardashian is in the news, it's hard to ignore. The reality star and entrepreneur is expecting her first baby with rapper Kanye West. We go on bump watch...

She's 6 months pregnant but still refuses to get down to earth and wear anything but high heels. Kim Kardashian must be in heels or else the world will fall apart.

Giving her baby bump no breathing room, Kim was spotted in this ocher leather disaster. Someone needs to tell her to give the tight clothes a break.

One of her more sober appearances in recent times, Kim was in fact spotted later sporting a pair of tennis shoes. Finally, someone got through to her thick skull and got her to ditch the inches!

The soon to be baby mama was spotted sporting a white peplum outfit, sans her rapper beau Kanye West.

Like Yin and Yang Kimye get their monochrome groove on at a fashion week showing. We're trying hard not to dole out the monochrome jokes.

And you thought a simple baby bump was going to keep Kim from showing off her body. Ha! Think again. Kim may be popping out of her couture togs, but it sure ain't slowing down the skin show.

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney appeared on the Today Show, making it the former's first appearance after her main man rapper Kanye West dropped the bomb at his New Year's eve gig, that the pair were expecting their first baby.

"I think until I really start seeing a belly, it won't really sink in. It's just a weird realization. I think until you start seeing the physical changes, every day is different," Kim said on the Today Show. Kim Kardashian’s still in shock

Of course, being pregnant hasn't meant that Kim's wardrobe shifts into maternity gear. The gorgeous baby mama of Kanye West makes sure she's always tres chic, even when the pounds begin to pile on.

The reality star opened up saying that it was not easy for her, as she suffered from fertility issues that were difficult. Kim Kardashian’s still in shock

Kardashian has however said that her baby will not make any appearances on her reality TV show as that is a decision the couple has made together. Here, she works her baby bump in a form fitting tuxedo.

Black seems to be the star's favoured colour when it comes to hiding her baby bump. Ironic really, since almost everything else about her life is on display with her reality show career.

The couple were spotted shopping at a high-end desginer store in Paris, with Kim looking like a vision in white and Kanye, dapper in a trench-coat. This is going to be one stylish baby!

Don't expect Kim to ditch those high heels just yet. While the rest of us shudder at the sight of those heels, The 32-year-old makes sure she stays on the same level [read height] as her baby daddy Kanye West, with some rapper bling thrown in, while grabbing some frozen yoghurt.

 Due in July, the pregnant reality star who gained 20 lbs so far, is in her second trimester and reveals her only craving so far has been for frozen yoghurt.

Whether Kanye and Kim or Kimye as they have come to be known will tie the knot, remains to be seen. Kim is currently still married to basketball player Kris Humphries. Wonder what Kanye has to say about that.

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