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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Andrej Pejic: The supermodel who is really a man!

21-year-old Andrej Pejic is pretty much the most talked about supermodel on the fashion scene today. But what few know about this famous face is that Andrej, is in fact a man... 

 There’s little that tells you that this supermodel is different than any other walking the ramp for a major international fashion house. Yet, that’s probably as far from the truth as it gets.
 This is Andrej Pejic, a 21-year-old Croatian born, Australian model lining up frequent flyer miles across the globe.
 What sets this model apart from all others is that Andre is a man.
 The hot young supermodel was discovered serving up burgers and fries at a Melbourne McDonald’s.
 Pejic’s unique beauty is what makes him a favourite the world over with designers given his gender ambiguity.
 He is the model who designer Jean Paul Gaultier chose as his finale in 2011 for his bridal collection.
 In a first, Andre became the first male model to showcase a lingerie brand for women. All it took was a little padding!
 Pejic is currently redefining androgyny on the ramp, across the world for some of the biggest designers.
 His waif like, model figure, suited to women’s clothing and to the androgynous world of fashion and couture.
 What’s interesting is that Andre is still physiologically a man. He hasn’t had gender reassignment surgery but has hinted at it.
 The model who has never openly talked about whether he is homosexual is said to have married designer Duran Rembrandt in a ceremony in Las Vegas in February 2013.
As is the way with fame and fortune, Andrej boasts many a famous face as part of his coterie. He is seen here with singer and TV anchor Kelly Osbourne.

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