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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

John Abraham is already married?

If rumours are to be believed, then Priya Runchal has managed to make an honest man out of John Abraham. The two have apparently been married for a while now.

 This time around it seems there's no quelling the rumours. John Abraham has managed to keep it quiet that he is already married to his girlfriend Priya Runchal. How long since these two lovebirds tied the knot, is not known. Watch this space for more!
 John gave the shutterbugs enough leeway to snap pics of him, girlfriend Priya and, if we've got our heads screwed on right, Priya's parents.
 If that's the case, then John's 'Meet the parents' episode is long over and they seem fairly comfortable with him.
 Priya's mom looks sullenly at the preying paparazzi.
 Well we can't blame her. It takes some getting used to, those flashing lights.
 John's parents Abraham and Firoza were also spotted at the screening.
 From what we hear, his dad still takes the bus when he needs to get around. Talk about being down to earth.
 The muscleman and his new arm candy have been in the news every time they step out. Contrary to previous reports, John has yet to tie the knot. "I know it will be this year, but I don't know when. It could be in a few months or a few weeks. I am a very impulsive guy. So I might decide to get married next week!
 John has definitely moved on after his break up with Bipasha Basu. We saw him with his new girl friend Priya Marwah at an event recently.
 Priya Marwah is a professional banker and has been friends with John for some time now.
 Priya had visited John in London while he was busy filming for his movie Housefull and the two were spotted at many tourist hot spots.
 We had heard that Priya comes from a very conservative family and they do not approve of her spending time with John, however, now we feel that this is not the case.
 The couple seems to be comfortable with each other.
 John, a perfect gentleman keeps a protective arm around Priya
 Look at this picture - Priya and John seems to be sharing a good chemistry.

 John has said that he is commitment phobic. So will Priya be the girl or will he move on?

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