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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Rare family photos of celebrities_Part_3

It is not all work for these celebs, there is always time for family. Here's a look at some pictures of celebrities and their families, that you may not have seen before.

 We spotted Sachin Tendulkar's wife Anjali and their daughter Sara during a recent event. Sara looked every bit a lil style diva in the making. So, we decided to give you a couple of more pictures of Sara
 This is one of the first photos we have of lil Sara. Surprisingly it is not with her pappa Sachin, but along with Saurav Ganguly and his lil girl Sana.
 Sachin Tendulkar along with his family - his wife Anjaly, son Arjun and daughter Sara
 Meet the 'Student of the Year' long before he went to school. Yes, the small kid in this picture is Varun and with him is his elder brother Rohit. Varun tweeted this picture with a caption that read 'Been getting asked to post childhood pictures. just found this me and my brother I'm obviously the smaller one!!
 Can you recognise this cute little girl in this picture? Okay, this is Sridevi with her parents!
 We got a sneak peek into some rare moments from Deepika Padukone's childhood. Don't you think she was a very cute kid?
 And yet another family photo - this time with her younger sister Anisha
 Did someone looking at this picture then, imagine she would be an actor when she grew up? We are not sure.
 Deepika with her dad Prakash Padukone
 Of late, Narmmadaa has been accompanying dad Govinda to various Bollywood events. She has been waiting for the right script to come her way, says her dad who went on to say that she has rejected more than a dozen movies so far.
 A rare snap of Aamir Khan with his kids Junaid and Ira.
 Junaid is all grown up now, he is entering Big Bad Bollywood as a director. This was when he was still young. Lil Ira looks pretty doesn't she?
 Their divorce is surely a thing of the past and these days, they are very friendly with each other.
 A rare photo of Aishwarya with her family. Her brother and his wife complete the family picture.
This photo too is a bit old. Taken during one of her visits to her hometown - Madhuri is seen spending time with her kids and her dad.


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