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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The worlds 20 best transit airports

The Skytrax World Airport Awards are based on 12 million passenger surveys at 385 different airports, grading the travel experience on 39 criteria. So where is the ideal place to make a connection or a layover? Read on for the 20 best.
           The survey's criteria include terminal comfort, ease of access, staff language skills, wait times, and public transportation options. (Photo: Frankfurt Main Airport; Flickr/D Petzold)

   20. Sydney Airport

    Serving Australia's largest city, the three-terminal Sydney Airport completed a $500 million redevelopment in 2010. (Photo: Flickr/Pedro Szekely)

    19. Kansai International Airport

    Located in Japan's Osaka Prefecture, Kansai opened in 1994. It's 1.7-km long Terminal 1 is among the longest in the world. (Photo: Flickr/Hideyuki Kamon)

   18. Abu Dhabi International Airport

    The capital city of the United Arab Emirates is served by the rapidly-expanding Abu Dhabi International Airport, currently undergoing a multi-billion dollar redevelopment and expansion. (Photo: Wikimedia/Nuno Nogueira)
    17. Narita International Airport

    Narita is the primary passenger airport in and around Tokyo, handling the majority of international flights in and out of Japan. (Photo: Flickr/Hideyuki Kamon)
    16. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

    Hongqiao is the primary domestic airport serving Shanghai. While less glamorous than Pudong, the city's primary international port, it was recently the beneficiary of an expansion worth more than $2 billion. (Photo: Flickr/Thomas Depenbusch)
     15. Frankfurt Main Airport

    Frankfurt Airport is far and away the busiest passenger airport in Germany, and third-busiest in Europe behind only Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. It handles international flights and connections from all around the world. (Photo: Flickr/Christian Bortes)
       14. Tokyo International Airport Haneda

    More centrally-located than Narita, Haneda primarily handles domestic Japanese traffic to the capital city. (Photo: Flickr/Hideyuki Kamon)
    13. Auckland International Airport

    New Zealand's largest airport was named the best airport in the Australia/Pacific region by the survey, and its staff was also considered the best in the region. (Photo: Flickr/Phillip Capper)
    12. Copenhagen Airport

    The Danish capital's airport was named the best in Northern Europe, and handles more international traffic than any other in Scandinavia. It set a record in 2012 with over 23.3 million passengers. (Photo: Wikimedia/Dornum72)
    11. London Heathrow Airport

    The third-busiest airport in the world is a five-terminal behemoth directly employing over 76,000 people. (Photo: Wikimedia/Cdogg30)

   10. Central Japan International Airport

    Built on an artificial island in Ise Bay in the ChÅ«bu region of Japan, Central Japan International was named the best regional airport in Asia. (Photo: Flickr/Masakazu Matsumoto)
      9. Vancouver International Airport

    Serving Canada's West Coast metropolis, Vancouver International is the only North American airport to make SKYTRAX's top 20. The organization's chairman commended it for its excellent standards of terminal decor and ambience. (Photo: Flickr/Jeff McNeill)
   8. Kuala Lumpur International Airport

    Malaysia's primary international airport was commended for having the world's best airport immigration service. (Photo: Flickr/Hunny Alrohaif)

    7. Zurich Airport

    Switzerland's largest international airport was awarded "World's Best Airport Baggage Delivery" by the SKYTRAX survey. (Photo: Flickr/Jon Rawlinson)
     6. Munich Airport

    Munich Airport doubled its traffic over the late-90s and early-00s, and is now the second-busiest in Germany. The survey called its dining options the best in the world, and placed it fifth for leisure amenities. (Photo: Flickr/JasonParris)
     5. Beijing Capital International Airport

    As of 2012, Beijing Capital is the second-busiest airport in the world, in terms of passenger throughput. Built for the 2008 Olympic Games, Terminal 3 is the fifth-largest building in the world by area. (Photo: Wikimedia/Vladimir Menkov)
   4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

    The largest airport in the Netherlands features extensive shopping options, a permanent library, an art gallery and even a mortuary. The SKYTRAX survey named it the best airport in Europe. (Photo: Wikimedia/Shirley de Jong)
    3. Hong Kong International Airport

    Hong Kong's primary airport is the busiest in the world, by cargo traffic. It ranked in the top five in dining, international transit, shopping, cleanliness and leisure amenities. (Photo: Flickr/charclam)
    2. Singapore Changi Airport

    Singapore's main airport has won countless awards as one of the best in the world. With endless shopping, six open-air gardens, gyms, spas and napping areas, its leisure amenities were ranked best in the world by the survey.

    1. Incheon International Airport

    With a golf course, spa, casino, museum, and more, Seoul's Incheon International was named the best airport in the world by SKYTRAX. It was also named best in the world for seven consecutive years by Airports Council International.

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