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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Emma Watson: I Only Own Eight Pairs of Shoes

Emma Watson strikes a pose in August's Teen Vogue. (Boo George/Teen Vogue)She may play a pilfering party girl in the Sofia Coppola-directed flick "The Bling Ring," but Emma Watson insists that she's the polar opposite of her fame-hungry, fashion-loving character, Nicki. While the 23-year-old told Teen Vogue that she likes red carpet fashions from Chanel and Dior, she was quick to point out in an interview with "Radio Times" that she's not your typical celebrity fashion fiend.
"I've got about eight pairs of shoes and that's it," she admitted on the radio show.
Yep that's right, little Hermione Granger, who could easily wave her Hollywood wand and have shoes magically appear, keeps it real with less than 10 pairs of footwear, one of which comes from a basic retailer. "[I've got] 4-inch, little brown Bebe shoes."

Those heels are fairly budget-friendly (they rarely top $150, as opposed to $750 Jimmy Choos), and a surprising choice considering the fact that the British beauty is worth an estimated $40 million.
Should her shocking shoe admission be a surprise? Not really. In her August interview with Teen Vogue, Watson explained that she made a conscious decision when she was 9 years old to keep her life as normal as possible, to the point that she never really identified herself as famous.

And to maintain her sanity, she regularly ditches the fancy wardrobe and gobs of makeup in favor of a more low-key look, telling the magazine that she's a huge fan of wallet-savvy retailer, Topshop.
"I try not to wear makeup all the time. It is nice to give your skin a bit of breathing and space. Generally, I wear a lot of sunscreen," she explained.
There you have it; Emma must be the most down-to-earth celebrity in Hollywood history.
"I think, in a way, I was very protected during 'Harry Potter,' because I was working all the time," Watson dished. "I would get in the car, go to the studio, and go home," she said.
In fact, it wasn't until she crossed the pond to attend Brown University in 2009 that the flaxen-haired starlet got a taste of how famous she was.
She isn't your typical A-list star. (Boo George/Teen Vogue)
"It sounds stupid," she confessed, "or completely unbelievable, but that was when I really realized that I was famous. There are still days when I deal with it horribly and there are days when I deal with it really well."
Watson handles her massive stardom by keeping her friends close. "I feel a bit wobbly before hitting a red carpet. So it's always nice to bring friends, especially because I love to see their reactions. It's not normal to get out of a car and have, like, 80 people screaming at you, and so when they say, 'This is crazy,' it makes me feel slightly more sane."

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