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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Rare family photos of celebrities_Part_2

It is not all work for these celebs, there is always time for family. Here's a look at some pictures of celebrities and their families, that you may not have seen before.

 Kangna spent a few moments in the public eye with her mother.
 Kangna says her mother would have married her off at 16, if she was given a chance
 Shivangi and Shraddha Kapoor caught in a moment.
 Memory land! tweeted Mahesh Bhatt. Not in our wildest dream did we imagine that this 'Sumo wrestler' would transform herself into ALIA BHATT
 Alia was not slim and hot like she was now. She has had her fight with the flab like other star kids too. This photo from our archives was before she became slim and hot.
 Alia during a promotional event.
 A good old family photo - Alia with her family.
 Ayesha Takia may not be the most famous Bollywood star but her appeal lies in her adorable personality and her winning smile.
 It's no secret that Ayesha and her sister Natasha are close to their mom Farida. In fact, the three are often spotted hanging out together like gal pals. Reportedly, their father Nishit Takia was reportedly not even invited to his daughter Ayesha's wedding in 2009.
 Which is why when we saw this rare family moment, it was a shocker. Ayesha's father Nishit Takia, who has almost never been seen with his family was spotted pally as can be with Ayesha and his son-in-law Farhan.
 Even more stunning was when the four of them agreed to pose together. Despite any of their past unpleasantness, the Takia's look like a family. What's not to love about that? Forgive and forget we say!
 Over the last couple of years Bipasha has been bonding with her family more. She adores her dad and mom and never misses a chance to be with them.
 She says that she has been away from her family ever since she turned 16 and this is a perfect time to spend time with her family.
 This is one rare photo she had put up on her social networking site. She says that she loves to wear the bikini and has been a fan of it since she was a kid.
Bipasha Basu is her pappa's pet, like many of us.


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